Jersi 120 FS

Jersi 120 FS

Cost effective systemic protectant for seed treatment of cereals.
Active ingredient tebuconazole, 120 g/l
Formulation flowable concentrate for seed treatment
Packing 5 L
Mode of action it destroys infection in seeds and protects them from infection which is on its surface and in soil.
Crop Dose rate,

Winter wheat


Dust-brand and tilletia caries, root rot, septoria, spot disease



Dust-brand smut, Helminthosporium blight, spot disease,
root rot

It can be used together or subsequently with the agents of insecticidal and stimulating action.


  • Seeds before processing must be cleaned and calibrated.
  • Disinfection of a sowing material is carried out for 2–3 days before planting.
  • The working fluid containing 0,2–0,25 liters of an agent and 10 liters of water is used to process 1 ton of seeds.



  • Low application rate
  • Wide range of biological efficiency
  • Growth regulating action
  • Reasonable price and efficiency
  • Disinfected seeds can be stored within a year without the subsequent influence on their sowing qualities