Terrachlor 480 EC

Terrachlor 480 EC

The insecticide of contact-ingestion action against sucking and chewing insects.
Active ingredient chlorpyriphos, 480 g/l
Formulation emulsifiable concentrate
Packing 20 L
Mode of action has a high initial toxicity; restrains acetylcholinesterase enzyms which blocks the transmission of nervous impulses of insects.
Crop Dose rate, l/ha Pest Terms of application Number of sprayings
Sugar beet




Beet leaf aphid,

beet flea beetle,

beet weevil

Spraying during the vegetative season 2
Potato 1,5 Colorado beetle Spraying during the vegetative season 2
Apple tree 1,5 The apple moth (larvae of 1 and 2 generations), leaf rollers Spraying during the vegetative season 2

Compatible with the most pesticides, except the highly alkaline, lime and Bordeaux mixture.

  • spraying must be carried out in dry weather: do not spray less than 6 hours before rain and wind speed over 3–4 meters per second;
  • spraying of sugar beets and potatoes must be carried out in the vegetative season; apple orchards -before and after flowering;
  • uneven processing of the entire area of culture must be avoided;
  • do not spray during flowering;
  • the recommended application rate of the working fluid for ground spraying is 200–300 liters per hectare and 800–1000 liters per hectare for fruit and vineyards.
  • long protective effect - up to 30 days;
  • keeps high efficiency at a temperature below +10°C and above +25°C;
  • is an insecticide of contact- ingestion and fumigant action.