Kassent 400 SC*

Kassent 400 SC*

Highly effective insecticide with systemic and contact effect for control of wide range of sucking and leaf-eating pests, with maximum starting activity and a long period of protective action.
Active ingredient imidacloprid, 300 g/l + lambda-cyhalothrin, 100 g/l
Formulation suspension concentrate
Packing 1 L
Mode of action Kassent 400 SC exhibits a contact-intestinal effect on pests, affecting the central nervous system, causing rapid death. Due to the combination of the two active ingredients, the product exhibits a high degree of pest control activity in many crops. Imidacloprid works systemically and blocks postsynaptic nicotinic receptors in insects and breaks the physiological innervation of the nerves, which leads to damage to the nervous system and insect death. Lambda-cyhalothrin is an inhibitor of oxidative phosphorylation of the contact action, which affects certain parts of postsynaptic receptors in insects and disrupts the normal functioning of the nervous system, which leads to the death of the insect.
Crop Dose rate, l/ha Disease Terms of application
Winter wheat 0,05-0,1 Shield bug Eurygaster integriceps, Lema, aphid, corn flies, cereal chafer, thrips, leafhoppers, flea beetles Spraying during vegetation
Rape 0,05-0,1 Rapeseed beetle, blue flea, aphid, sawfly, leaf beetle, gall midges
Corn 0,05-0,1 Western corn rootworm, bollworm, European corn borer, pickleworm, aphid, red spider mite

* In process of registration


Formulation is compatible with most insecticides and fungicides, it is necessary to make test mixture with other formulations in recommended amounts prior to use.


• Insecticide is used in the growing season of cultivated plants. Processing is possible in both autumn and spring. It is recommended to perform treatment in dry and windless weather early in the morning or in the evening. It is necessary to strictly adhere to the recommended product's dose rate and to monitor the uniformity of coating the aboveground mass of crops.

• The highest biological efficiency of Kassent 400 SC is observed within the temperature range from +10 to +25 ºС

• The product is toxic: for bees and other insects, therefore it is forbidden to apply the product near the apiaries (the estimated radius of bees' flight is not less than 5 km), also, to reduce toxicity, it is recommended for treatment in the morning and evening hours


•It disrupts the normal functioning of the nervous system, which leads to paralysis of the whole organism and the death of insects.

• The product has high efficiency against a wide range of sucking and gnawing pests at all stages.

• It does not cause phytotoxicity

• The two active ingredients that make up the product guarantee its high biological efficiency without the risk of pest resistance.

• It has a systemic effect - it penetrates through the roots, leaves, stem.

• Low rate of consumption.

• Prolonged effect of the action - 2-3 weeks.