Rimax Plus 750 WG + SAM Maxium

Rimax Plus 750 WG + SAM Maxium

Post-emergence systemic herbicide to control dicotyledonous weeds in cereals.
Active ingredient amidosulfuron, 250 g/kg + tribenuron-methyl, 500 g/kg
Formulation water dispersible granules
Packing 100 g
Mode of action herbicide damages the mechanism of division and protein synthesis of the weeds.
Crop Dose rate, g/ha Weed Terms of application
Barley 25-30 Dicotyledonous weeds Spraying of crops starting from a phase of 2-3 leaves to booting
 Winter wheat 25-30 Dicotyledonous weeds Spraying of crops starting from a phase of 2-3 leaves to the flag leaf inclusively


SAM Maxium

Is used with herbicide Rimax Plus 750 (amidosulfuron, 250 g/kg + tribenuron-methyl, 500 g/kg)

Active ingredient: Isodecyl alcohol ethoxylate , 900 g/l
Packing: 5 l
Mode of action: enhances and accelerates herbicide effect on weeds due to the dissolution of the lipid layer on the leaves.

Can be used in mixtures with other products. Check products for compatibility in a small container before preparing the working solution.

  • it is recommended to spray the crops from a 2-3-leaf phase till the flag leaf inclusively;
  • growth of sensitive weeds stops immediately after the product penetrated the weed through the leaf surface;
  • complete destruction of weeds occurs within 2-3 weeks, it depends on weather conditions, species composition, stage of development and degree of weed infestation;
  • dose rate of the working liquid during the ground spraying is 200-300 liters per hectare. It is necessary to cover the whole area and spray the plants heavily while applying the product;
  • in case of high weed infestation and active weed vegetation maximum permissible dose of the product is used.
  • wide temperature range from +5°C to +25°C;
  • amixture of two active ingredients is popular with manufacturers. It controls a wide range of problem weeds such as bedstraw, sow thistle, bitterling and others;
  • wide range of use of the product, from the beginning of tillering to a flag leaf inclusively;
  • low application rate and low cost.

Goose grass, jointed charlock, redroot pigweed (species), shepherd's purse, field mustard, bitterling, stachys (species), winterweed, Canada fleabane, chamomile (species), corn poppy, sow thistle (species), self-seed sunflower, self-seed rape, knotweed, stinkweed, bankweed, field violet, spurry, madwort (species), ragweed, white deadly.