The herbicide to control annual grasses and dicotyledonous weeds in soybean and sunflower.
Active ingredient imidacloprid, 300 g/l + lambda-cyhalothrin, 100 g/l
Formulation soluble concentrate
Packing 1 L
Mode of action The active ingredient inhibits protein synthesis in weeds, resulting in chlorosis of young leaves, dying of growth points, stop of development, dwarfism and, as a consequence - the death of weeds.
Crop Dose rate, l/ha  Pest Terms of application
 Soy  0,75-1  Annual grasses and dicotyledonous weeds   Spraying of crops in phase of 1-3 ternate leaf of crops (grass weeds in phase 1-3 leaves, gramineous 2 - 4 leaves)
 Sunflower (varieties and hybrids, resistant to action of imidazolines)  1-1,2  Spraying of weeds in the early phase of development and in the phase of 2-8 pairs of true leaves of crop.




The product is not compatible with the organophosphate insecticide groups (dimethoate, chlorpyrifos, etc.). Do not use in tank mixtures with graminicides. 


  1. use the product at the temperature from 15°C to 25°C and at wind speed of 4.3 m/s;
  2. one treatment per season;
  3. the rate of water use 200-300 l/ha.


  1. wide range of controlled weeds;
  2. effective control of the next weeds;
  3. two modes of action through soil and leaves;
  4. one treatment is enough during the growing season.


Amaranth species, velvetleaf, wild oat field, small-flower galinsoga, field violet, hepatica annual, cleavers, black nightshade, fumaria officinalis, spurrey, penny cress, bitterling, field mustard.